Dragon Mania Mod Apk

Dragon Mania Mod Apk is a simulation game for Android devices published by game studio Gameloft SE. If you are interested in training and fighting dragons, you might want to play this famous online game. You are in the world of Dragolandia, a secret island where you care for, train, and battle dragons. As a dragon trainer, you must choose one dragon to start the game and train it to increase your chances of winning.

Name Dragon Mania Mod Apk
DeveloperGameloft SE
RequiresAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems/Money
Updated10 June 2022

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Dragon Mania Mod Apk


The name of the game may give you an idea of what you’ll find in this game. The game is a dream for those who want to “live with dragons” or make dragons become their pet. The Dragon Mania Legends APK provides players with the chance to fulfill their dreams and enjoy the game. In this game, you will find many amazing features and gameplay elements that will never bore you and will always encourage you to play further. You are currently in the world of Dragolandia, a secret island for all the human beings where dragons, both good and evil live. The DRAGOLANDIA is filled with countless dragons, but you may only choose one dragon to begin your adventure. Furthermore, you can train your dragon to become more powerful and smart.

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk


Train the Dragon

Dragon Mania Legends is a game with elements of city building, development simulation, and training. The main characters are a variety of dragons with different physical characteristics, abilities, and skills. Your mission is to collect and train dragons to create the finest dragon army. The game is played by moving your army across the map, destroying all enemy units, and returning the world to its original order. Along with the main story, there are a series of optional missions for the player, such as collecting valuable items, gathering gold to build a city, and performing dragon combat missions to receive special loot.

Built your Dragon Army

If you play Dragon City in solo mode, you will aim to build your dragon army, fight other players, and develop the city. In multiplayer mode, players will compete frequently against one another in the rankings. In either case, a rank is allotted and Experience Stars, gold, and rubies are earned through the victory of each match to progress along with the ranks in each game mode.

Dragon Mania Hack Apk

Increase the Number of Dragon

The game begins with a few normal dragons in your care. Using strategic matching, you can acquire new dragon species for your collection. In addition to building them places to live, you also need to build different types of farms to feed your dragons. After getting enough food, water, and rest, along with regular training and breeding, a dragon army will grow to an interesting and diverse group. When the number of dragons reaches a certain point, you will need a large area for them to live comfortably. You may now use a small portion of your gold to upgrade and expand the kingdom’s capital city, as well as its general domain.

Money is everything

When you play this game Dragon Mania Mod Apk unlimited gems and coins, you will wonder how the money is generated. There are several ways to make money indirectly in this game. It is not especially hard to make money in this game, but it is difficult to earn a lot of money. Completing tasks at each level will give you the opportunity to earn money. In addition to money, players gain experience points and rubies for completing quests. The danger and complexity of a task determine the level of reward. If you want to get started on your task list, just make sure to avoid hesitation. Some small missions include raising dragons for a certain tribe or watching promotional videos. The more you accumulate, the more income you can have later. It is not easy to have a lot of idle time and make money.

Bring Dragon Army into battle

Dragon Mania Hack Apk has grown more complex. Players not only train dragons, but they send them into battle against other dragons. When your army has reached the appropriate level of expertise, you will register for the ability challenge. Levels in the game will range from easy to difficult. The dragon army will also appear onscreen at different times, allowing you to show off your skills and bring about victory.

Battle manipulation is quite easy. Simply select dragons with a specified number for each battle, touch the dragon’s foot icon to move it, and then attack once the arrows under each dragon turn from green to yellow or from yellow to green. But one opponent may not always be defeated by the same move from you; that opponent’s nature could mean that he takes different amounts of damage from your attack. The outcome of this strategy-based battle: the player whose dragons are depleted first will lose. If winning, the player will be awarded experience points and gold coins.

Dragon Mania Apk

Graphics and Sound


Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk includes graphics that are slightly different from those of other Gameloft SE titles. The game’s illustrations and 3D perspective are vivid and colorful. It is a fun game that combines a mythical story with beautiful scenes. Players can explore more than 100 places, including spring, summer, autumn and winter, rain and sunshine, snowfall, arid desert. The game’s scenery is clear and poetic. The scenery has a typical color tone, so it is very interesting to the players. It also motivates you to pass the scene.s

Sound Effect

The soundtrack, which is produced during each scene, features the sounds of waves, birds chirping, wind whistling, and snow falling. Each new evolution triggers a different effect: when a dragon flaps its wings, it spits fire; when it unleashes a move, it lets out a howl. Dragons are portrayed in vivid and colorful detail for the very first time.

How to Download Dragon Mania Mod Apk

  • Click On the download button, there you will get a direct download link to the Dragon Mania Mod Apk game.
  • If you click on that link, the game will begin downloading to your android phone.
  • In order to download this game on your android phone, you may need to enable the “Unknown sources” setting. Turning this setting on is necessary to download this game.
  • On your cell phone, check the download folder for an APK file. Tap this file to begin the installation.
  • The icon for the game will appear on your home screen. Tap the icon to start playing. Enjoy!!

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How do I unlock a new breed of Dragon?
At the beginning of the game, the player can choose one breed to start breeding. The other breeds are unlocked later in the game.
Is Dragon Mania Legends an offline game?
Dragon Mania has vibrant graphics and a nicely drawn battle arena. Gamers can enjoy the game without an Internet connection, but online leaderboards and a Facebook connection add to the game’s social features
How do I get gems and gold in Dragon Mania Mod Apk?
One of the most important things to do in the game is to collect gems. You can obtain them by trading in your gold or exchanging them with other players.
Is Dragon Mania Legends hackable?
Yes, it is hackable but due to limited resources on their servers, it is difficult for players to access the official version of Dragon Mania Legends Hack APK.
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