Hustle Castle Cheat Codes 2022+Tips & Tricks (Fully Updated)

Hustle Castle, one of the best-loved smartphone games, was released on Android and iPhone. Although both versions are easy to download and install, we usually play the Android version.

Despite the fact that you enjoy the game, you don’t appreciate that you must buy diamonds in order to progress. To remedy this situation, I researched the Internet for a working Hustle Castle Cheats code.

After trying several websites, I was able to locate a Hack for Hustle Castle that worked. The Diamond system was very easy to use, and within a few minutes of creating my account, I had hundreds of diamonds that I could use to purchase in-game items.

How to redeem Hustle Castle Promo Codes

  • Open the game and click on your player icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • In the lower-left corner of the window, click the Settings icon.
  • When a new window opens, click the ‘GIFT CODES’ button.
  • After entering the codes described above, you will receive your reward at once by pressing the ‘REDEEM CODE’ button.

Hustle Castle Cheat Codes April 2022

Codes                REWARDS

caut2i                       Get Gold Ticket

atta2R                      Unliited Diamods

char6n                     Speedup your Avatar

YourK8                     Get Food

obtaW9                   Mana

enteEt                     Level Up

Warr5h                   Get Mythical Chest

drage0                   Unlimited Epic iTEMS

4jLYsCOpj               Increase your Skills

sjYXAWXUw           Unlimited Gems

iUSD7TieV              Get Premium pass

Pdysv4jt6               Unlimited Rewards

r8SVJ2T86              Get Unlimited Coupons

Hustle Castle Gift Redeem Codes

  • lA8oLJOkqoUWjuF
  • N5FoYglz3tfybba
  • iDTuzeWkGsNPJLn
  • nZsYjCe74I6qDGl
  • gq8JdirMh9K4yoE

Tips & Tricks of Hustle Castle Game

Construct Additional Rooms

If you are thinking of adding on to an existing structure, it is best to construct additional rooms and remodel any existing rooms. Renovating an existing room can disrupt the activities of its current inhabitants. Dwellers will help you construct and upgrade rooms more quickly.

Use Good Equipment

Your villagers’ equipment affects their stats and special traits, which may increase their ability to deal damage. A villager can wear a range of items to improve fighting ability, including Financial Analyst’s spectacles. And, improving your villagers’ equipment can increase their earning capabilities.

How to Get Free Gems

Players can purchase gems, the premium currency of the game, with real money. However, they can also get free gems using a variety of methods. Some ways to get free gems include opening chests and completing achievements. On the crown icon is a list of achievements. Rewards can be collected from this screen as well as progress towards completion.

Use Special Weapons in Battles

There are many factors to consider when preparing for combat. The first is choosing which weapon your character should use. A sword and a bow have the same attack power, but the former’s range is shorter than the latter. If your enemy has archers, you must figure out how to beat them.

You should also consider the element of force when choosing your army. Sending your army against a trained soldier will likely result in defeat for your own troops.

How to get free Diamonds in Hustle castle?

It is possible to get free diamonds in the game by following a few tricks. The first trick is to use tips and tricks on how to play the game properly; this will help in gaining more efficiency and earning more diamonds.The second trick, the hack codes of Hustle Castle cheats ios are a great way to master the game’s winning strategies.

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